Viso Classico Rosè

Classic Method “Rosè”

Production zone
The vineyards are located in Barge, in the hamlet Assarti

Blend of native black berry vines

Training system

Yield per hectare
80 quintals

By hand in small cases of 20 kilos

Process/Vinification Process
The grapes are harvested early to get a grape suitable for a sparkling wine base, the grapes are crushed and destemmed, and subjected to a short cold settling, after 36 hours is fermented at a low temperature (about 16 °), finished the primary fermentation the wine is placed in stainless steel tanks outside the cellar to ensure that the rigors of winter should operate an a natural stabilization of the wine base, in the spring is made the draw, and at this point the wine begin the long path that will transform it into sparkling classical method, after 30 months of rest to mature in the cellar champagne will be ready for consumption

13% vol

Salmon with nuances that veer towards the onion skin (“pelure d’oignon”), with fine and persistent foam

The stay for a long period on the lees gives this wine the unmistakable aroma post fermentation (ranging from classic crust of bread, brioches or croissants to freshly baked) with a background of fine fruity (clear perception of cherry) and floral (fresh red rose in some years but also dried)

This sparkling wine has a fine bead, which enhances the quality of taste and smell of wine. The fruity notes are enhanced by the acidity that is effervescence of the sparkling wine, keeps th freshness and fruity floral that is perceived on the nose, well complemented by a pleasant freshness. The tannin contributes instead to confer structure and complexity to the wine

It is recommended to keep the wine at a temperature between 12 and 18 degrees for a perfect preservation of the aromas

Boxes of 6 or 12 bottles of 0.750 ml.

This sparkling wine and table wine . From aperitif and appetizers , with preference for flow trend sweet and delicate , such as molluscs , crustaceans and fish ( also caviar ) . Pasta and risotto , with their tendency sweet , flow , fish and shellfish are among the obvious , rose classic method sparkling wines match well with cheeses both young and soft cheeses , but also with red meat in oily

Serving temperature
We recommend serving it at a temperature of 8°

Annual production
5000 bottles about