Pinerolese Dolcetto

Production zone
The vineyard estate of this Piemontese wine is located at the foothills of the Alps beside the village of Barge, in the hamlet of Assarti.

100% Dolcetto grape

Training system

Yield per hectare
80 quintals

Traditional method, all by hand harvested in small cases of 20 kilos

Process/Vinification Process
Crushed and de-stemmed grapes are transferred into steel fermentation vats, macera- ted and fermented for 4-6 days at controlled temperatures with frequent pumping. After the alcoholic fermentation process is completed the malolactic fermentation begins. The wine is then aged for only a few months in steel tanks until it is ready for bottling

13% volume

This wine possesses a beautifully cool red hue with fresh purple highlights.

A fragrance of forest fruits with cherry taking centre stage.

This wine possesses notes of the usual dark berry fruits synonymous with Dolcetto such as cherry and blackberry, but its character deepens with the old mountain valley’s grounds providing an introduction of rich plums leaving a fantastic finish of almonds upon the palate

For optimum preservation it is recommended to keep this wine at a constant temperature of between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius

This wine is available in boxes of 6 or 12 bottles of 0.750 ml

Dolcetto is a versatile wine that goes well with any meal or antipasto. Happily accompanying all meat dishes, especially roasts, it is also a fantastic accompaniment to cheeseboards, particularly pairing well with soft and semi-hard cheeses

Serving temperature
Our recommended serving temperature is 16°c

Annual production
4500 bottles about