About us

Tradition in a glass
The winery “Le Marie” comes from the passion for winemaking of the owner Valerio. His wife Luigina, and their children Simona and Daniele, always work with him on a journey of passion and love, which wants to bring this long historical tradition in a glass.
The result are wines of personality, pure and elegant, produced in a limited number of origin bottles, and manufactured in the respect of the territory, with agricultural practices and environmentally friendly farming.
Its wines are born to Assarti, village of Barge, an ancient village at the foot of Mount Viso and Monte Bracco, the aforementioned mountain by Leonardo Da Vinci in a paper of 1511, for centuries suitable area for growing grapes. In fact emerges from history a document drafted August 27, 1203, which testifies to the merit and fame that even then they enjoyed the wines produced on the lands called Eyssart.
Since the Middle Ages, the reputation of these wines has meant that they were present for centuries on the most prestigious tables of the nobles, which throughout history has followed in this region.


The ten hectares of vineyards, which are between 400 and 450 meters, enjoy a convenient location, and a clement climate that favor the perfect ripening of the grapes. The land schist, red, is rich in rare and precious minerals, derived from the collapse of primordial rocks that give the wines of these lands precious perfumes and unusual flavors, such as to make unmistakable.